I lost a lot of money to a trading platform

I lost a lot of money to a Trading Platform, I never think I can get back my money. One day, someone called me and saying that she could help me to get back my money but it was another scammed, she asked me to pay for the service fee before they transfer back the money to my account. I don’t believe her so I decided to search the recovery service online. I am so lucky to find WRS, I had read the review from their website and I decided to send them an email about my situation, Josh called me in a very short time and explain to me how I can get back my money, he also told me that I don’t need to pay any money until I have my money back. Thanks to Josh and his team, they are extremely helpful and professional, the settlement agreed in less than 2 months and I have my money back to my account, I highly recommend WRS if you are in the same situation as me.

Rosana Lam


I would like to thank WRS for their support

I would like to thank WRS for their support during the past 12 months. I was scammed by some scammers who were acting to be from financial101 working hand in hand with tradeo, I lost a substantial amount of money 25k which put me into debt and and destroyed my credit history. It’s been a long road Nic and Josh have been incredible supportive throughout this entire time, about a month ago I felt I wasn’t going to get anything back but thankfully they were able to help recover some of the money back. I would definitely advise you to get in touch with WRS if you have been scammed.

Sufia Saeed

Thought I had lost all my investments

Thought I had lost all my investments. I fell for the social media adverts by Greg Secker, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. His firms: capital index, smart charts, learn to trade, promising an unlimited wealth program, and training in my free hours of the day, all lies and unless I quit my day job was impossible. No one said this. I was promised a £50k account with 80% profits monthly. Then I realised I was conned, insisted they refund me. To which they decline! I thought it was gone! WRS have got me half of my investment and are heading for the rest! A hard lesson but a relief to have retrieved anything! Thank you guys!

Darren Kinder

CFD Trading Account

I was pressured into making deposits into a CFD Trading account and lost quite a lot of money. WRS helped me recover some of the money lost. Josh and his team were brilliant and were always at hand to answer any questions. Thanks you 🙂

David Peck

Outstanding Service !

Briliant service, outstanding Solicitors. I cannot recommend Wealth Recovery Solictiors enough for supporting me through a difficult time. They provided a brilliant service and I would 100% recommend them to anyone. They were extremely helpful, keeping me informed throughout every aspect and provided me with expert advice, Josh and Nic are truly a credit to the company. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring, clearly experts in their field, identifying the many flaws in the other parties arguments. We persevered and after some considerable time resulted in the more than fair outcome we had initially set forward from the outset. Many thanks to Josh and his team! *****

Nerxhivane Mikushnica

I like the business model of no refund no service fee.

I like the business model of no refund no service fee. Although, they could not support me with my case, they did identify a scam business that I had been engaged with, which saved me thousands.

Andrew Marsh

Lost a fortune to a broker in Cyprus

Lost a fortune to a broker in Cyprus called legacy. Wouldn’t give me money back and denied responsibility. WRS knew how to make them play ball.
Money back. We got them back!!

Mohammed Alif

Excellent Result

Excellent result! These guys are always on the case to get the job done promptly! Hopefully won’t have to use them again but definitely would.

Ben Wagon

From start to finish I was supported

From start to finish I was supported, and explained the whole process. Over the moon with the recovered fees. Thankyou!

Marcus Buchanan

Recovered money from Excentral

I got money back from excentral. Owe everything to Josh Chinn- 200k I lost!!! Knows his stuff excellent excellent firm

Jay Silvester

Thanks for your help

Thanks again for your help in locating my stolen crypto currency

Jamie Mountain

Dealing with WRS was a pleasure

Dealing with WRS was a pleasure, they were extremely professional and definitely know what they’re talking about when it comes to crypto losses. Have invested in some excellent software and have the legal brains to get your crypto money back. They are really a good and real people to deal with, they are with you in your hard time, advise and deal with your financial crises very professionally, I am very pleased with them, I do recommend them 100% for sure!! To anyone. Best wishes to them always and get all success in the future!! Thanks Aman

Aman Moses

Couldn’t be happier!

If you have lost your money to Tradeo please please get in touch with WRS. Tradeo took off me £50,000 and would not take any responsibility for this loss and would certainly not give me anything. WRS got involved and I cannot believe the results they got- they knew exactly what to look for and have changed my life getting this money back! WRS were brilliant from start to finish!

David Peck

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Many thanks to the team at WRS. Highly recommended…

Many thanks to the team at WRS. They recovered some of the funds I had been scammed out of. They have been honest and upfront about the amount they could recover. My advice would be to anyone considering their service… JUST DO IT! After the banks rejecting my claims many times, their professionalism and persistence ( it’s taken 18 months) has and is still paying off. Quite simply put, without them I would have zero . But thanks to the team they have recovered a substantial amount ,softening the devastating blow from the F*****s who scammed me . I cannot recommend WRS highly enough.

Ani Damsa

Dealing with WRS was great

Dealing with WRS was a breeze from start to finish. I had lost money to Excentral and a huge amount (6 figures) this had changed my life and I was in a lot of financial trouble. The solicitors argued very strongly and got a large percentage of the money back. without WRS i probably would never have got the money back. Huge shout out to Josh who kept in touch constantly and always felt like i was in safe hands


WRS were very professional and…

WRS were very professional and dilligent in the recovery of a large part of money I lost to a foreign company offering a Trading Platform. They gave me hope and reassurance right from the start and after much hard work finally found resolution in what could have been a great loss for me. Thanks very much to all the team at WRS!

Mike B

A very satisfied customer

From my first dealings with Wealth Recovery, I felt supported, and I was thoroughly advised at every stage in the process of recovering a good percentage of lost funds. I felt able to trust them, and was not disappointed with the outcome of a difficult case. I always received a swift, supportive and honest response to any of my queries during the process. These people understand how to approach a situation and the right pace to move things forward. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Be reassured that help is available in what can be a very distressing situation. Thank you so much.

JB Leicestershire