Cryptocurrency Fraud & Scam Recovery

Ever since cryptocurrency has been introduced into the economy, cryptocurrency fraud has been a problem facing investors and traders alike. Despite the fact that there have been multiple improvements in cryptocurrency legislation and regulations, unfortunately, many people still fall victim to cryptocurrency fraud. 

Unfortunately, scammers are always looking for ways in which they can trap people with cryptocurrency fraud. Because cryptocurrency is an incredibly popular way to invest money, there is more opportunity for scammers to trap traders and investors with cryptocurrency scams, meaning cryptocurrency fraud is still on the rise.

Our cryptocurrency scam recovery services are passionate about stopping cryptocurrency fraud. No matter where you are in the US, our team of legal experts can help you recover your lost money. It’s important to know that the likelihood of your wealth recovery can depend on how you lost your crypto funds, but if you’ve been a victim of cryptocurrency fraud, we will do everything within our power to help you.

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What Is Cryptocurrency Fraud?

Cryptocurrency fraud scammers can use a variety of different techniques in order to steal your money. Whenever significant amounts of money are concerned, scams will unfortunately follow. Cryptocurrency fraud is a huge rising problem amongst online investors and traders, and cryptocurrency scammers can steal a large amount of money all at once. 

Cryptocurrency fraud usually involves a scam in order to gain private information, such as security codes or sensitive information, or trick an investor into sending cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency will then be stolen. Cryptocurrency fraud scammers will often use fake trading platforms in order to entice investors to ‘invest’ a lot of money, such as encouraging the investor to deposit large amounts or going for particularly big and expensive coins, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. 

Although these fraudulent trading platforms are complete scams, cryptocurrency fraud scammers encourage clients to buy legitimate cryptocurrency from legitimate exchanges. We don’t rely on information from scammers, but instead, use the Blockchain to unravel where the property has gone. We use different methods to recover your wealth, making us the leading solicitors to help with cryptocurrency fraud. 

Many people fall victim to cryptocurrency fraud because their bank cannot help them recover money from the scam. Other recovery solicitors who deal with victims of cryptocurrency fraud will simply go to the bank and request the money back. However, as the money lost as a result of the crypto scam has gone to a legitimate end destination, the banks don’t have to give the money back. This means people can lose a lot of money due to cryptocurrency fraud, with no hope of getting their money back. 

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we do things a little differently – we have better protocols in place to help victims of cryptocurrency fraud.  We don’t simply just speak to your bank on your behalf to request your money back, use CRM and APP codes, or use free tracing technology to try and find the destination of the crypto. Instead, we use high end technology and expertise, allowing us to trace and recover crypto. Our technology is better for helping victims of cryptocurrency fraud, as it has the ability to trace over 100 different coins. Free platforms used by other wealth recovery solicitors such as Blockchain Explorer or Etherscan are highly unreliable, and won’t help you retrace your money. We only use the best technology to help our clients who have unfortunately fallen victim to cryptocurrency fraud. 

Although rates of cryptocurrency fraud are on the rise, here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we will do everything within our power to help our trading and investing clients who may have fallen victim to a crypto scam.


Recovery of crypto

Approaching WRS I really did think I had no chance of ever seeing my money again. So many people had told me that because I had transferred to the scammers using crypto it was gone forever. Using their legal expertise and in particular Josh Chinn’s advice and tactical excellence I recovered the vast majority of my money back. Still can’t believe it. Fully recommend WRS.



I was thoroughly impressed with the service

I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by WRS. They understood exactly what my needs were and helped me recover the money I had lost to fraudulent websites. I would fully recommend the team at WRS, particularly Josh Chinn who was instrumental in assisting throughout the process.



WRS were a marvellous company to deal with....

WRS were a marvellous company to deal with. I had lost my money to unscrupulous forex company a year before I contacted them. They were able to achieve a return of some. Very efficient and understanding team to work with. Thank you so much Josh and Simon.


Signs Of Cryptocurrency Fraud

If you think you have fallen victim to cryptocurrency fraud, it’s important to act as quickly as possible. If you spot the signs early on you can improve your chances of recovering your money. However, there are certain signs of cryptocurrency fraud that can help you avoid crypto scams. Here are some of the most common telltale signs of cryptocurrency fraud that will help you recognise scams in the future:

Making Unusual Trading Requests

One of the most common signs of cryptocurrency fraud is that you will be encouraged to invest your money in unusual ways. If an investor is asking you to make unusual trades or investments, such as only investing in certain, large coins, or depositing big amounts at once, then this can also be a sign of cryptocurrency fraud.

Promises Of High Returns

Cryptocurrency fraud attempts will often promise you the world in terms of returns if you invest with them. They will often suggest that you will make an extraordinarily large amount if you invest on that trading platform. If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is, so always do your research into the promise of high returns. Cryptocurrency fraud scammers want to entice as many investors as possible, so they will promise extraordinary returns, so it’s important to be as vigilant as possible.

Asking For Fees To Release Funds

Another common identifiable trait of a cryptocurrency fraud is being asked to pay management or administrative fees, tax payments or “release funds” for the platform to release the funds back to your wallet. If someone you’ve traded with is asking for additional fees to release your funds back to you, then this is a sign you have fallen victim to cryptocurrency fraud. Usually, in this case, the investor has used your investment for their own ends, or they just want to make additional funds on top of those they’ve already made. This is one of the most common ways American traders and investors can fall victim to cryptocurrency fraud.

Confidential Support

If you fall victim to cryptocurrency fraud, then we understand that you may feel embarrassed or have a lack of confidence in making investment decisions again. We’re here to reassure you that there is no embarrassment involved in being the victim of a cryptocurrency fraud, however, we offer confidential advice and consultations as part of our services. The only person that needs to feel embarrassed or ashamed are the scammers themselves! Many people fall victim to cryptocurrency fraud, so you don’t need to feel ashamed of working with us. 

When investors aren’t honest about falling victim to cryptocurrency fraud, it means that we can’t help others avoid these scams. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. With the support of a trusted and experienced solicitor, we may be able to help you recover funds after cryptocurrency fraud and bitcoin trading losses. When you are honest about your experience with cryptocurrency fraud, you can recover your money and help future investors combat these scammers.

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If you believe that you have been the victim of cryptocurrency fraud, please get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team who can offer you confidential advice. We understand that being the victim of cryptocurrency fraud can be tough to handle, but we hope that our support, action and guidance can enable you to recover lost funds. We hope that we can also help you regain a sense of confidence and security in making trades and investments online, and get back into investing and trading following cryptocurrency fraud.

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