Finance and Fraud Recovery Services

Have you experienced a loss of funds whilst trading or investing? At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, our team of attorneys offer a range of finance and fraud recovery services to help trace and reclaim your lost funds.

Our Finance and Fraud Recovery Services:

Cryptocurrency Trading Losses

As part of our finance and fraud recovery services, we investigate losses made through cryptocurrency trading. With hundreds of thousands of people using digital currencies, also known as cryptocurrencies, this, unfortunately, means that the number of people falling victim to crypto scams is on the increase. 

NFT Fraud and Scams

Investments in NFTs have grown steadily alongside the increase in cryptocurrency popularity. With some NFTs being sold for millions of dollars, this makes it a particularly attractive market when it comes to fraud and scams. Find out how our finance and fraud recovery services can help recover assets lost to NFT fraud and scams.

Binance Fraud

Although a form of cryptocurrency, Binance fraud is becoming increasingly more common amongst traders and investors. With many different forms, this type of fraud is growing in complexity and is affecting more and more people. As part of our finance and fraud recovery services, we can investigate funds lost to Binance fraud.

Forex Trading Fraud

Aimed towards traders making use of the foreign exchange market, Forex trading fraud is growing increasingly more sophisticated, making it harder to spot. Typically using scam platforms, it can be difficult for victims of Forex trading fraud to recover the lost funds on their own. Our finance and fraud recovery services are able to trace Forex losses and our team can get to work on recovering your funds.

Regulated Broker Fraud

Not all regulated brokers are trading with your best interests in mind. We regularly hear from clients who have experienced regulated broker fraud, where their broker has either lost money through making irresponsible trading decisions or has used your cash to try and get some additional returns for themselves. As part of our finance and fraud recovery services, we can work to trace your lost funds that have occurred as a result of regulated broker fraud.

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