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With more people turning to investing and trading, this has, in turn, also led to an increase in the number of investment and trading scams which people are falling victim to. These investment and trading scams operate across various trading platforms and areas of the internet, designed to ensnare traders and investors, no matter how experienced they are. 

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, our team of international attorneys have vast experience in dealing with a broad range of investment and trading scams and have numerous successes in helping victims to recover their lost funds, with millions of dollars worth of money recovered. No matter if you’ve lost money through CFD scams or Forex fraud, if your financial loss is the result of an online investment or trading scam, then we can help recover lost funds.

Recovering Funds Lost Through Investment and Trading Scams

A lot of people believe that, once they have lost money to a trading or investment scam, it is gone for good. This is also what a lot of other attorneys will have you believe, and this is simply due to the fact that they are unable to conduct the right traces in order to find out the exact whereabouts of your money, as well as the path it has taken to get there. 

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we use specialist tracing software in order to locate your lost funds and then, once we know the whereabouts, we do all that we can on your behalf to recover this for you. We understand that clients may feel ashamed or embarrassed to have fallen victim to a trading or investment scam and that this type of attack can feel personal, but it’s important to remember that these scams can happen to highly experienced traders and investors, as well as new and inexperienced ones. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to recovering funds lost through investment and trading scams. The longer it is left unchallenged and without proper investigation, then the less likely it is that we can recover your losses. We advise that, if you are the victim of a trading or investment scam, you contact our team as soon as possible to get the process started.

Cryptocurrency Trading Scams

Even though cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream and there have been improvements in regulations over the years, cryptocurrency trading scams still affect a large number of investors and traders each day. 

Forex Trading Scams

Although Forex is a legitimate market and is used to trade international currencies, there are a huge number of Forex trading scams used by criminals which use highly targeted and sophisticated tactics.

NFT Investment Scams

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique cryptocurrency tokens that exist on the blockchain. NFT investment and trading scams are becoming notoriously common and are designed to deceive investors and traders out of money directly, or gain access to credentials which are then used to access the person’s wallet.

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Lost Money Forex Trading? Talk to Wealth Recovery Solicitors!

“I lost a substantial amount of money with two non UK regulated forex brokers….Both Josh and Nic are very approachable and will take time to discuss things thoroughly. They have communicated exceptionally well.
I would highly recommend Wealth Recovery Solicitors to anyone who’s lost money through forex trading…..get in touch, they might be able to help!”



Recovery from Crypto Scam

“I had suffered a huge loss (scam) in the crypto market a few months ago and was struggling with the recovery. Josh @ WRS went above and beyond to help me get my losses returned, they’re services are exceptional, the team is great, clear communication with outstanding results. Couldn’t recommend the firm highly enough; look no further. Thank you WRS for all your support and advice”

Vishal Tejpal


Having lost a six figure sum to an investment scam....

“Having lost a six figure sum to an investment scam and having achieved no success with my bank, I was resigned to losing the majority of my savings. As a last resort I contacted WRS. Josh and his team could not have been more helpful. Thanks to their expertise and  determination, I have recovered all of my funds. Throughout the process I was kept fully informed of every development and it was never any problem to talk to them by email/phone. I have no hesitation in recommending their services based upon my experience of an outcome that has exceeded all expectations.”

Notley de Prochnow

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